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Apple Garamond Font Free Download

Apple Garamond font was designed by Apple in California. It was designed to be an open-source font family, this classy font has many similarities with the original typeface Garamond. This staggering typeface is available in three weights: regular, medium, and light.

These typefaces for apple OSX are included with apple mac computers. This cozy typeface is very famous and this font family was well-liked by people who used apple devices.

This awesome font is a very Macintosh-friendly font, so it is perfect for Apple users. This nice typeface looks similar to Palatino font or Baskerville. Nirvana font is most similar to this typeface.

In other words, this typeface is a stylish font that looks sharp. This classy font stands out for its pronounced elegance and readability. This font has a great tone, this typeface is sharp and clean, so this Font really works perfectly in headlines and titles.


This classy font is used most often in print media and apple commercials. Many designers used this font for apple logos. Apple company used this font for the apple logo in apple commercials and other apple print media like apple ads.

Nowadays this typeface is also used by many people who create websites or blog pages about apple devices or apple software, so you can use this tremendous font to make articles.

This awesome font is the best used in offices, commercials, devices advertisements, blog posts, and various articles. This stunning font has keen features, and this font gives an old-fashioned look to the text.

This font family is very easy to read, so you can read the font family very easily. Its unique characters and sharpness make this font an excellent choice for apple-related websites and blog posts. In order to enjoy its advanced features, you can use this font with the pairing of Century Schoolbook Font.

Apple Garamond Font View

apple garamond font

Font Information

NameApple Garamond Font
LicenseFree for personal use

Download Apple Garamond Font

You can download this font family freely from our website for your own private tasks. For this purpose, you need to click on the given download button that is mentioned below.

License Information

The license of this font is free of cost for your personal use only but you can use it for commercial purposes then you will purchase the license from the owner.

Alternatives of Apple Garamond Font

  • Frank Ruhl Libre Font
  • Revival565 BT Font
  • Cheltenham LT Font
  • Garamond Font
  • Trajan Pro Font
  • ITC Garamond
  • Editorial New
  • Garamond US Font
  • Libre Baskerville Font

Language Support

Kinyarwanda, Neapolitan, Xhosa, Tshiluba, Slovak, Danish, Gikuyu, Finnish, Norwegian, Sicilian, Sotho (Southern), Kirundi, Tswana, Sotho (Northern), Belarusian (Latin), Turkmen (Latin), Bemba, Lombard, Lithuanian, Tsonga, Wolof, Jamaican, Dholuo, Galician, Ganda, Low Saxon, Waray-Waray, Makhuwa, Bikol, Kapampangan (Latin), Aymara, Ndebele, Slovenian, Tumbuka, Venetian, Genoese, Piedmontese, Swazi, Latvian, Silesian, Sardinian, Estonian, Afar, Cape Verdean Creole, Maasai, Occitan, Tetum, Oshiwambo, Basque, Welsh, Chavacano, Dawan, Montenegrin, Walloon, Asturian, Kaqchikel, Ossetian (Latin), Zapotec, Frisian, Guadeloupean Creole, Q’eqchi’, Crimean Tatar (Latin), Sango, Luxembourgish, Samoan, Maltese, Tzotzil, Fijian, Friulian, Icelandic, Sranan, Wayuu, Papiamento, Aromanian, Corsican, Breton, Amis, Māori, Tok Pisin, Tongan, Alsatian, Atayal, Kiribati, Seychellois Creole, Võro, Tahitian, Scottish Gaelic, Chamorro, Greenlandic (Kalaallisut), Kashubian, Faroese, Rarotongan, Sorbian (Upper Sorbian), Karelian (Latin), Romansh, Chickasaw.


How do I get Apple Garamond font?    

You can download this font from our apple website. This nice modern typeface is available for the Apple Macintosh.

Who created the Apple Garamond font?

Apple company created this font. Apple is the best company for apple devices and apple software, they have a nice history of creating a font.

Where is Garamond used?

This exceptional typeface is used in Apple devices, print media advertisements, logos, software.

Who uses Apple Garamond?

This stunning font is used by users, fans, and many devices owners. It has cleaned and bold features.

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