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Karelia Font Free Download

Here, we present a stunning typeface that is known as Karelia Font. This family belongs to the category of sans serif family. The designer of this typeface is  Frode Helland. And he releases it for the first time on 2nd January 2018.

Karelia Font is a sans serif typeface featuring both old style and lining numerals, standard and discretionary ligatures, a pretty complete set of diacritics, as well as support for CE languages and even Esperanto. It’s available in regular and bold weights. You can use microsoft yahei font which has the same style and characters as this one. For Adobe projects it is a classic choice.

This font includes a license that allows free commercial use: sometimes referred to as a desktop license. This allows you to install the font on a computer and use it to create posters, web graphics, game graphics, t-shirts, videos, signs, logos, and more. The online generator tool of this typeface is well suitable for different types of colorful graphic designs.


The value of this typeface is impressive among all developers. They use this sans serif typeface for various purposes. This family is best for branding, logos, headlines, and paragraphs. Karelia can be used on websites and even in printed materials like magazines and newspapers.

This font family can give a new look to old books and turn them. If someone wants to achieve success in all of his projects then use pretendo font by making a strong pairing with this typeface.

As a web developer, if you are planning to design a website then this font will be best for your web development projects. This typeface will give an impressive look to your work. For branding and advertising, Karelia is the best choice for all developers.

Karelia Font View

Karelia Font View

Font Information

NameKarelia Font
DesignerFrode Helland
StyleSans Serif
LicenseFree for personal use

Download Karelia Font

This typeface has keen and clean features, you just need to download this font by clicking on the given button.

License Information

This glorious typeface is best for many designs, but you need to talk to its author about its commercial tasks. It is free for private-type tasks.

Alternatives of Karelia Font

Language Support

Malagasy, Potawatomi, Quechua, Rhaeto-Romance, Romanian, Malay (Latinized), Maltese, Northern Sotho (Pedi), Norwegian, Occitan, Oromo, Ossetian, Pangasinan, Papiamento, Piedmontese, Polish, Italian, Jèrriais, Kabardian, Kalmyk (Cyrillic), Karachay (Cyrillic), Kashubian, Kazakh (Cyrillic), Kyrgyz (Cyrillic), Ladin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Lojban, Lombard, Low Saxon, Luxembourgian, Macedonian.


Who is the manufacturer of Karelia Font?

Frode Helland is the manufacturer of this sans serif typeface. He releases it for the first time on 2nd January 2018.

Is Karelia Font free for personal use?

Yes, it is free. but for commercial use and you need to buy its license from the owner of this family.

Can we use Karelia Font for branding and advertising purposes?

Yes, it is best for branding and advertising purposes. You can also use this font for web development projects.

What is the generator tool of Karelia Font?

It is a classic online tool that is very useful for different types of colorful graphic design projects.

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